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Grishma Vekaria murder case Fenil Goyani gets death penalty

Today Surat court has sentenced convict Fenil Goyani to death in the murder case of Grishma Vekaria on February 12 in Pasodra of Surat city. Fenil, who arrived at the court, did not have any fear on his face. Grishma’s family was present in the court along with the lawyer of both the parties. “Punishment is not easy but this is the rarest of rarest cases,” the judge said. He has since been sentenced to death. About 120 Documentary Evidence Presented In Court Room. Accused Fenil Sentenced To Death.
Accused Fenil sentenced to death in 70 days for murder of girlfriend Grishma in public.

Grishma was helpless at the time of the murder. 12-inch knife was used in Grishma’s murder,When she tried to get away from the accused, she started bleeding profusely from the wound on her neck. Even Grishma fell at the feet of accused, he did not feel any pity.

The accused did not show any remorse or fear of the law. After the case, the sister was asked to make a statement in her favor,The accused was trying to kill 2 people in cold blooded manner. This case is considered the rarest of rarest Grishma was only 20 years old and she also had dreams. Family members cried in the court room. A 506 page judgment was given by the judge.

Government pleader’s arguments
Arguments went on all day on 22nd April with the public prosecutor arguing that our case was not based solely on video. The accused had a criminal mindset and had committed a premeditated murder. The accused ordered Online knife through Flipkart. After the order was canceled he bought a knife from the mall and another paddle from his friend. The accused also did Reiki of crime scene before committing murder. On the day of the crime he went to find her at Summer College. He told Grishma’s friend Dhriti that he was going to do something big by going to Grishma’s house today. Fenil had spoken to Krishna on Instagram before the incident.

Gujarat Home Minister Harsh Sanghavi’s Tribute to Grishma Vekaria through a video message.

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