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Grishma Vekariya Murder Case accused Fenil has criminal psychology says police

In Grishma Vekariya Murder Case of Surat, District police to file 1000 pages long charge sheet today.

Grishma Vekariya was killed with a knife by Fenil in broad day light in front of his family members.

Surat police took custody of Fenil and 150 witnesses were examined and 25 panchnama were done. He was taken to murder site and police tried to make investigation during reconstruction of crime site.

BK Vanar, DySP Surat Police said that Fenil was having criminal psychology as he was searching from social media, on how to use gun, how to use knife. In fact he had ordered knife from Flipkart which was cancelled later on which establish the fact that he wanted to execute murder in a perfect manner without any fail. In fact he tried to obtain AK-47.

On the day of murder of Grishma, Fenil saw Criminal Web series and he was carrying two knives, in case if first knife somone snatch away second knife was there as a backup plan of murder of Grishma.

As per TV source.

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