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Gujarat: Fafda Jalebi business and consumption exceeds over Rs 50 crores on Dasshera

On Dasshera day in Gujarat and major cities including Ahmedabad,  Fafda Jalebi  business and consumption exceeds over Rs 50 crores. Enjoying Fafda Jalebi  a combination of cryspy farshan with a sweet is very popular in Gujarat on Dasshera. People consume Fafda Jalebi from 9th Navratri night itself till Dasshera evening with many Fafda Jaelbi outlets across cities. People even stand up in queue for hours to have a bite of their popular dish. Some people consume at outlet with chutney, Kadhi served with dish and some prefer to enjoy them at home with family and friends.

Some groups have social gathering or party on Dasshera with unlimited Fafda Jalebi treat.