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Gujarat heavy rain in Saurashtra; 305 people evacuated in Rajkot

Heavy rains in Saurashtra region of Gujarat forced evacuation of 55 people in Rajkot, 160 in Talala town of Gir Somnath, and 90 in Veraval of Gir Somnath itself, taking total to 305 people.

According to SEOC State Emergency Operation Centre, Sutrapada taluka in Gir Somnath district received the highest rainfall in the state, with 345 mm in just 14 hours since 6 am yesterday morning while Dhoraji taluka in Rajkot district received a 250 mm in just 14 hours, with 145 mm recorded in just 2 hours.

Gujarat was hit by heavy rainfall on yesterday, causing flooding in several areas. heavy downpour caused severe waterlogging in Rajkot, Surat and Gir Somnath districts after the state received 300 mm of rainfall in the last few hours, forcing evacuation of 70 people.

in many areas with streets flooded, cars submerged and shops closed due to severe flooding.

As per IMD India Meteorological Department prediction heavy to very heavy rainfall in some districts of Saurashtra and south Gujarat regions are likely in the coming days.

Due to the heavy inflow of water, 43 of Gujarat’s 206 reservoirs have been placed on high alert, 18 are on alert mode, and warnings have been issued for another 19, the state government said in a statement.
NDRF National Disaster Response Force and SDRF State Disaster Response Forces have been placed on high alert in light of the current rainfall situation.

Surat was hit by heavy rains, with around 104 mm of rainfall recorded during the day. Parts of Junagadh district also experienced torrential rains.

A huge part of Gujarat, including Rajkot, Surat, and Gir Somnath, received heavy to very heavy rain, In last 24 hours in the state. Sutrapada taluka of Gir Somnath has received the highest rainfall of 21.64 inches.

Gujarat: Sudden cloud burst in Saurashtra on Tuesday, 8-9 inches of rain.

The area around Dhoraji was submerged. Highest rainfall of 21.64 inches in Sutrapada of Gir Somnath: More than 10 inches of rainfall in 4 taluks of the state.

In the current monsoonseason, total average rainfall of the state became 55.30 %: the highest rainfall in Kutch zone is 112.37 %. Mangrol taluka of Junagadh district received 9 inches of rain from 6 am to 10 am.
In last 24 hours in the state, Sutrapada taluka of Gir Somnath has received the highest rainfall of 21.64 inches and 19.24 inches in Veraval taluka of Gir Somnath, 11.96 inches in Talala taluka and 11.08 inches in Dhoraji taluka of Rajkot. Thus, it is reported that more than 10 inches of rain has been recorded in 4 talukas of the state.

According to the reports received by SEOC of the state today on July 19, 2023 at 6:00 am, during 24 hours, Kutch zone recorded the highest 122.37 percent, Saurashtra 76.25 percent, North Gujarat 51.82 percent, South Gujarat 44.61 percent. Per cent, East Gujarat has received 43.53 per cent of the total average rainfall of the season.

Apart from this, 218 mm in Kodinar taluka of Gir Somnath, 193 mm in Mangrol, 176 mm in Jamkandorana, 119 mm in Upleta, 108 mm in Mendara, 106 mm in Maliyahatina and Vapi, Surat. 104 mm in the city, 100 mm in Petlad. Thus, a total of 14 talukas have received more than 4 inches of rain.
While 88 mm rain in Keshod taluka, 87 mm in Lunawada, 76 mm in Dasada, 64 mm in Wadali, 62 mm in Khergam, 60 mm in Visavadar. And 58 mm in Manavadar. Thus, total rainfall of more than 2 inches has been recorded in 20 districts. While reports of less than two inches of rain have been received in 156 talukas of the state.

Also, 9 inches of rain has been recorded in Mangrol taluk of Junagadh district from 6 am to 10 am. While 158 mm in Maliihati taluka, 107 mm in Patan-Veraval, 94 mm in Vapi, 69 mm in Sutrapada. Thus, a total of 5 talukas have received more than 2 inches of rain.

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