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Gujarati Actress Jayaka Yagnik shares about her First break in Bollywood

In an Exclusive chat with Gujarat Headline, Actress Jayaka Yagnik AKA Sanjana Patel from upcoming musical rom com Film “Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara” shares her journey in Bollywood and reveals a lot about her role.

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What is your role in the movie “Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara”?

The story is about 3 couple and it is a Rom Com film. I am playing one of them from the couples and my character name is Sanjana Patel and my Husband’s name is Sajjan Patel. We are basically Gujarati couple. She is stuck up between her husband and her mother-in-law. She is fade up that with both of them. Out of frustration she finally decides whatever comes in her hand she will hit them and then talk. I am a quite dominating wife. There is a fight sequence between husband and wife.

How you get break in the movie?

I went for serial audition and one Casting Director saw me and I was in my Traditional outfit. So he told me about this movie and he told that Monjoy wants a Gujarati girl to play this character and I was offered the movie. Director told me that the is role is of Bhabhi, so firstly I was not interested in listening to him. Still director insisted on me to give an audition. Later Monjoy called me on his own, and explained the role properly. I was convinced and gave the audition. Luckily I got the role.

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There are all youngsters in the movie, share your experience working with them?

It was a wonderful experience. Because everyone is from different cities and being a newcomer in the movie, we all helped each other a lot. We used to improvise scenes together.

Music is soul of the film. Tell something about it.

Music is the Best thing in our Film said Jayaka. There are almost all kinds of genre music. It is a complete package for audience.

When your Dil gets “Awara”, what do you do?

I think my Dil is “Awara only” that’s why I can do acting, I can stay alone in Mumbai, I can manage myself all alone. So little awarapan is a must. I think 24 by 7 my Dil is Awara.