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Hardik Patel likely to support AAP; Ashutosh says Hardik is a brave boy fighting against autocracy of govt

Today  Ashutosh a former Indian TV journalist, turned politician of the Aam Aadmi Party is in Ahmedabad. As per political sources, it is learnt that Hardik Patel Patidar leader is likely to support Aam Aadmi Party. Even, Delhi Chief Minister and AAP chief has supported Hardik Patel in principle.

Ashutosh said that Hardik is a brave boy fighting against autocracy of Government. Hardik was jailed for 9 months as he tried to fight for his community under sedition charges. We are fighting against Modiji’s autocracy in Delhi. He is fighting against Gujarat government.

Politics in Gujarat has heated up with all political parties including AAP, BJP and Congress trying to approach Hardik and seek his support for upcoming Assembly elections.

Kanu Kalasariya has also stated that Hardik has inclination for Aam Aadmi Party shows that Hardik would support AAP.

Hardik has a upper hand by selecting whom to choose or place conditions. Hardik also said that we will be the party who will protect our interest.