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Hardik Patel says compromise possible only if all 27 points accepted by government

On Patidar reservation issue BJP MP Vithhal Radadiya is liasoning on behalf of Gujarat government and talking with Patidars leaders and SPG Sardar Patel Group members. It was also likely that Patidar issue was likely to get resolved before April 17.

Radadiya has met Patidar leader Hardik Patel in Lajpore jail in Surat and explained government’s to dilemma on decalring Patidars¬† under EBC Economically Backward category, formation on Patidar Commission etc. Reacting on government’s dilemma to Radadiya,¬† Hardik said that if Gujarat government agrees on all 27 points laid down by us then only compromise will be worked out or else there is no need waste time of both of us.