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IIRMA Technovision introduce Natural Coral Water Filter in India

  • It has tied up with a Japanese company to distribute the unique filter, which uses 100% Natural process to enhance potable water quality, in India and several other countries

Gandhinagar, 25 November 2019: Ahmedabad-based IIRMA Technovision has tied up with Japanese company Uminchu No Takara to launch Natural Coral Water Filter in India. The filter enhances quality of potable water by removing unwanted chlorine and creates mineral-rich water.
IIRMA Technovision has acquired the exclusive and master franchisee right for India, Nepal, and other Asian countries except Philippines, and is in the process of setting up a network of franchisees and distributors across markets.
Uminchu No Takara, which is based in Okinawa, Japan, started producing the commercial version of the Natural Coral Filter 25 years ago. The Natural Coral Filter enhances the potable pH neutral tap water, and converts it into an Alkaline, and at the same time, Mineral water.
“The Natural Coral Filter is a unique product. It uses natural corals as filter, and uses Nature’s Way to process the water. The product is alkaline energy water, which is not only cleaner, but is also mineral-rich. No chemical, electrical, mechanical, or commercial filtration process is employed. No other product in India uses this natural method of enhancing water quality,” Pravakar Shah, President and CEO of IIRMA Technovision, said.
The Natural Coral Filters will be made in Japan since such kind of natural corals are found only in Okinawa. The other components, such as the dispenser or RO systems will be produced in India and elsewhere.
IIRMA Technovision will offer Alkaline Energy Water product lines in three packaged solutions, and customers can choose as per their needs.
The first is RO system plus Coral Water Filter, which is intended for domestic use with an existing local RO system. The Natural Coral Filter tube is added at the stage just before the clean pH neutral water is stored in the tank. It converts pH neutral water from RO systems into Alkaline and Mineralized water which is healthy as well as tasty.
The second is Dispenser Type, where the RO pH Neutral Water or potable tap water is directly placed at the upper tank. The water passes through layers of Natural Coral Filter and stored in the lower tank. The water in the lower tank is already Alkaline and contains 40 minerals like Calcium and Magnesium.
The third kind is Easy Mineral, which comprises a portable water purification pack in a sachet. It is primarily for people on the go or those who don’t have access to above systems. Mixing one sachet in a bottle containing 1-2 litre of RO pH Neutral or potable tab water, transforms the water into Alkaline and Mineralized water.