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India leads in fight against Coronavirus backed with support from Gujarat

Article by Darshana Jamindar from Ahmedabad

Gujarat has always been leading in taking new initiative, whether it be a business challenge or a scientific mission.

Amid Coronavirus spread in world over and in India with thousands of millions of positive cases, India and Gujarat has taken lead in mitigating challenge of deadly Covid-19 virus and its effect.

DRDO Defence Research and Development Organisationlaboratory  at Vehicle Research and Development Establishment (VRDE), Ahmednagar has designed a full-body disinfection chamber. DRDO has installed its newly developed full body disinfection chamber at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

In Gujarat, two companies from Rajkot and Surat have prepared Low Cost Light Weight Ventilators and donated them in hospitals. Dhaman-1 ventilator prepared by Rajkot based company offered first 1000 units free of cost to hospitals.

Three of leading Pharmaceutical companies Zydus Healthcare, and Manglam Pharma and Vital Laboratory claim to have prepared a vaccine hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19 which is under testing and will be in the market in couple of months. Testing of vaccine on animal is awaited.three companies from the state will export it to the US.

Gujarat is proud of scientists at Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre (GBRC) gandhinagar, the only State Government laboratory in India that has reported COVID19 whole genome sequence which will be helpful in tracking origin, drug targets, vaccine & association with virulence.

Gujarat Health Officer Dr Jayanti ravi Applauded the work of Scientists from GBRC, who reported 3 new Mutation in COVID19 whole genome sequence.

As per Dr Chaitanya Joshi of Director GBRC told in a press conference that Nucleic Acid plays an important role in indentifying DNA Deoxyribonucleic Acid and RNA Ribonucleic Acid patterns of living bodies.

Dr Joshi claims to have studied genome sequence of COVID from a patient would like to do computer simulation of various compound for its vaccine, Laboratory experimentation and trial of the compound. help in study of genome sequence and compound preparation using millions of computer simulation, intensity of virus and its behaviors could easily be studied.

Any virus later changes its structure and pattern for its survival against vaccine added Dr Joshi.