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Iraq crisis: Indian nurses says ISIS forcibly moves them out of Tikrit


46 Indian nurses stranded in an Iraqi hospital has coneyed that they were forcibly moved out by Sunni insurgents who were after keeping them under captive condition. They were pushed into a truck and shifted to another area.  Most Indian nurses are from Kerala who have been abducted.  A month ago, the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant (ISIS) militants, who now control northern and western Iraq, snatched 40 Indian construction workers from Mosul.

As per reports nurses, too, could be taken to the northern town, an ISIS stronghold.“Our government wasted a lot of time. Now, they can send coffins to take us back,” a sobbing nurse told over the phone.“We were politely resisting their moves to shift us from the hospital but now their tone is different. We have no option but to obey them.”