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ISRO celebrates ‘World Space Week’; Director SAC briefs about Space Programme

ISRO is celebrating ‘World Space Week’ from 4 to 10 October. In Ahmedabad, at VSSE Vikram Sarabhai Space Exhibition at SAC Space Applications Centre with participation from many schools and students from Ahmedabad and nearby places.

ISRO looks forward to enhance awareness among student community in particular and among people in general about space programme and its societal benefits.

Speaking at opening of ‘World Space Week’  Tapan Misra Director SAC said that in a few years, your cumbersome DTH dish receivers may be obsolete. With ISRO’s new range of High Through-put satellites (HTS) taking shape at Space Applications Centre (SAC), you will just need to attach a dongle to your TV to get the best entertainment programming. You could even continue watching the same programs seamlessly on your mobile phone, without break or delay, even on your way to office or home.
The first of the HTS to be launched in 2018 will beam data at speeds of 70 to 80 gigabits per second, faster than even the latest GSAT class communication satellites – GSAT 18, GSAT 19 and the yet unlaunched GSAT 11 -that are capable of beaming data at speeds ranging between 2 and 14 gigabits per second. “The HTS satellites will usher in a new culture of satellite internet access. A system of towers will receive and transmit data packets from and to the satellite and will cast on a town a WiFi like web,