junagadh attack by lion
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Laborer died in attack by lions in Devaliya Safari park of Junagadh

Today in Devaliya Safari park of Junagadh lion attacked 3 labors. 1 died and 2 others were seriously injured in the incident.

It is close to Sasaniya Gir.

In the history it was the first attack by lions on labors. Other people had rushed to the spot. Wounded laborers have been taken to hospital for treatment.

Two lions Gaurav and Gautam attacked two laborers Dinesh Sankda and Meraman Bharda.

One laborer named Rajnish Keshwala tracker died in the attack. Rajnish was pulled inside in the den by lions.

Rajnish had gone to trace the location of lions, other two labors came to rescue when Rajnish was attacked.