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Manmohini serial in Ahmedabad promoted by Ankit Siwach for Zee TV

Urges Zee loyalists, viewers and fans to subscribe to the Zee  Family Pack  so they can continue to enjoy the show under the new government rule, effective 1st February 2019

Ahmedabad, 4th January 2019: As Indians, most of us have grown up hearing folklore about witches. For generations, we have seen them as these wicked, cunning practitioners of the occult.  Are they, the manifestation of our sub-conscious fears or do they exist somewhere in the dark alleys of India’s hinterlands? While we’ll never really know, have you ever imagined all the drama that could possibly unfold if a witch fell in love? Breaking stereotypes about witches and presenting aspects of their persona never explored on Indian television, Zee TV’s latest primetime offering Manmohini takes audiences on a trip of edgy fantasy. It tells the story of an enchanting sorceress, her unrequited love, desire, obsession, revenge, re-birth and everything in between. Produced by LSD Films, Manmohini premiered on 27th November 2018 and airs every Monday to Saturday at 7.30 pm on Zee TV.

Set against the vibrant canvas of Rajasthan, where every grain of the desert sand
tells a story, the show will chronicle the saga of Manmohini, an unfulfilled soul who has been longing to reunite with her love Rana Sa for 500 years and comes back from the past to haunt his contemporary incarnation Ram and his wife Siya. The show captures Siya’s unconditional love for Ram and her spirited battle against an immortal force as fierce as Mohini in order to keep her man.  In this unusual combat between two women, one a selfless modern day mortal and the other an obsessive, immortal spirit who resorts to the power of Bhura Jaadu to win back her love, audiences will find themselves rooting for both Siya and Mohini from time to time. Tune into Manmohini to find out who will emerge victorious in this war of love! To promote the show The talented actor Ankit Siwach, who essays the central character of Rana Sa and Ram is in Ahmedabad today and urges his biggest fans and the show’s fierce loyalists to subscribe to Zee TV and the Zee bouquet as per the new government rule starting February 1, 2019 so they can continue to enjoy the show and her performance in the new year.

Ankit Siwach said, “Fantasy or supernatural thrillers find an instant connection as they offer viewers the relief of escapism and that is one of the reasons I took up this role. I play a modern man(Ram) and a king (Rana Sa) at the same time in the show, so for my character ‘Rana sa’ I had to learn a few things to get into the skin of my character. I learnt horse riding for my royal character, to practise it, I used to go to a beach close to my house twice a week. The other thing I learnt to portray the character of the king with élan is sword fighting. It was difficult, but I worked hard on it and eventually got the posture and moves right!  The show has flashbacks and shuffles between Ram’s previous birth and his present day in the narration of the story of two women at war over Ram. I am really looking forward to entertaining the audiences with my performance.” Talking about his visit to the city, he added, “It feels great to be in Ahmedabad today, I have been here a couple of times and I really enjoy every time I come here. The people and its culture are so welcoming. I am looking forward to having yummy Gujarati food in here”.

 The upcoming episodes of the show will be loaded with interesting twists and turns. As Mohini wants to control all the senses of her Rana Sa aka Ram, she will use Vivian’s (played by Abhimanyu Chaudhary) powers to do so. Will Mohini be able to completely control Rana Sa or will Siya’s (played by Garima Singh Rathore) love for Ram save him from Mohini’s Bhura Jaadu?

 To know more, tune into Manmohini every Monday – Saturday at 7.30 pm on Zee TV