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Mehsana Dist Co-op Bank Ex Chairman Natubhai Patel charged for Rs 8.07 cr fraud

Today in Gujarat, Mehsana District Co-operative Bank,ex Chairman Natvar Patel was charged with allegations for Rs 8.07 crore fraud. Patel did fraud in 98 branches by investing in 5586 receipts.

New bank director demanded for ACB and IT investigation. He informed about scam amount to be as black money. Rs 1.25 crore deposited with 804 receipts. In the name of wife Ambaben Rs 33.49 lakhs transferred with 200 receipts. In Grandson Dev’s account with 1213 receipts, Rs 1.71 crore transferred. In Grandson Tushar’s account with 1130 receipts Rs 1.59 crore transferred. In Grandson Mahesh Tushar’s account Rs 1.66 crore was transferred.

Natvar Patel misused his position to do a scam of Rs 8.07 crore, as per sources.