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Mismatch of 1 Crore votes in Election Commission’s website

During Lok Sabha 2019 Election result there was a big surprise and puzzle for ECI Election Commission of India, figure of 1 crore excess votes is vital question. Against Voting of 60.79 crore votes, 61.09 crore votes were counted.In UP election 28 lakh votes were found excess during vote counting.

A big mismatch has come to light in the official figures presented by ECI website which may lead to fair and just election.

On ECI website, in seven phases 60,79,87,823 votes have been casted against which there was a tally of 61,09,83,020 votes. Clearly an excess of 29,95,197 votes.

4 state election figure mismatch
4 state election figure mismatch

In UP Uttar Pradesh there were 28 lakh excess votes, whereas in contrast there were 10 lakh votes short than casted votes

In UP 8,39,85,343 voters voted and result showed 8,64,79,389 voters resulting in a difference of 25.33 lakh votes. Even postal ballot also could not generate huge difference in number of votes.

Former Election Commissioner SY Qureshi has expressed surprise over a  huge difference in number of votes. He added that ECI should clarify on this matter and it should be changed in the court. As per 17-A form ECI is to give tally on votes through postal ballot.

Congress is delibrating on the matter over silence by ECI. Shefali Saran ECI spokesperson is not receiving phone when trying to contact. Email through some media was not responded in 24 hours.

As per media source.