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Mother’s Day should be celebrated on May 13 only?

Mother’s Day should be celebrated on May 13 only?

Today May 13 is celebrated as Mother’s Day. Bonding with a mother is really a very strong and special bonding of any child. The very bonding starts with his or her mother ever since a girl transforms herself into a lady and she gets pregnant.

Mother is said to be a form of god. No one has realization of god but every one believes in god.

People say that if your serve your mother it reaches god. Real Heaven is in feet of mother.

Mother keeps showering unconditional and endless love on her children without expecting anything in return.

Among parents, mother is full of emotions, she understands her child very well. Most of the times, mother can read her child without listening anything from child.

In these modern world some children fulfill there responsibility by looking after parents. Some modern children drive them out to Old Age Home, where parents haplessly waiting for their turn to die and in despair and helplessly.

Some parents, cannot bear the shock of their married children driving them out to Old Age Home.

In case of more than one married sons, with change of month parents are sent to another brother to look after or to another city.

Agony is that parents fulfill and look after their children and give up their health, life and money in educating their children, in settling them by getting them married, helping them in purchasing their own house, in looking after grand kids and so on an so forth.

Parents can look after many children but many children united cannot look after parents, they try to push Aged parents to each other till they die out of shock and insensitive behavior of their blood and flesh.

When parents grow old they are taken to Old Age Home.

Growing number of Old Age Home and long booking reflects the tendency among so called modern children who values material possession more than emotions.

Famous BHAGBHAN movie featuring Amitabh Bachchan was just like that not made.

Mother’s Day is not one day celebration, it should be a life long celebration.

On this day, we should question ourselves are we going to look after our Aged parents or going to take them to Old Age Home ? Can we really be called modern ? Did our parents made crime to give us birth and groom us ? Do we have any sensitivity left in us ? Whether our social bonds are weakening ?