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NA Construction fraud case: two more persons arrested by Ahmedabad Crime Branch

Today, two more persons have been arrested by Crime Branch who took 25 lakh rupees from the builder.

NA cosntruction company’s fraud builder Nilesh Shah with his associate Ritesh Patel was arrested from Coffee Bar, after 5 days of handing over of case to Crime Branch by Police Commissioner Shivanand Jha. Both Nilesh Shah and his aged father were staying at hies residence still Police took lot of time in arresting them is a matter of big surprise. Accused Nilesh’s father was unable to walk. They were remanded for 3 days.

Manager of NA Construction,Chandkheda,Ahmedabad Rupesh Shah who appeared before Gandhinagar Court. However, Builder was hiding himself. Custody of Rupesh was given for 24 hours to Police. Rupesh Shah was remanded for 4 days, however Police asked for 14 days remand to investigate in the fraud case.

In Ahmedabad, one more case of influential builder cheating poor people but not arrested until media’ intervention has to light. In Chandkheda area, some 100 people from poor or lower middle protested against builder Nilesh Shah. Chandkheda because of known reasons not taking complaint against the builder and people had to gather outside Chandkheda police station and seek media support. Builder pushed people out of office when they went to ask about status of their flat. He was not even returning money to anybody.

People said that in 2012 they were attracted by massive radio and TV advertisement campaign by NA construction about its affordable housing scheme in Motera area of Ahmedabad. When contacted NA Construction office used to tell visitors that they should pay Rs. 11,000 deposit and later if their name is selected in draw they need to diposite another Rs. 2,61,000. Lot of people paid Rs. 11,000 and when told that they were selected in draw, they later also paid Rs. 2,61,000. As this was one room hall kitchen scheme, almost all who booked flat were common lower middle class and poor people. Many applicants had managed to collect fund to book a flat on high interest rate. They were promised that flat construction would be over at some time in year 2014.

However, people concerned about money they had paid observed that construction work on site never started. People also found a board on same piece of land claiming that its ownership was with Mr. Rabari.