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Nagpur quality orange now in Narmada using organic farming

Narmada of Gujarat is known for export of banana and sugarcane. Now in Rajpipla under guidance and consultancy from Agricultural Ministry have started reaping novel crop of  high quality orange using organic farming techniques on experimental basis.

Imtiaz Ali Kadri an innovative farmer of Rajpipla had grown chickoo and mango. Also for the first time now orange grown in Nagpur of Maharashtra will be available in Rajpipla, Narmada in abudance in a 200 to 300 pieces on a tree. Now orange of Nagpur quality will be available in Narmada at a cheaper rate.

After initial success orders have started coming to the farmer. Narmada farmers have started growing orange of high quality and soon they will be available for sale.  Since the transportation cost of bring orange from Maharashtra to Gujarat and being able to produce in local market, they will be available at cheaper rate.

demand for orange full of vitamin c is increasing among health conscious people, which is a good sign for Narmada.