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National Award Winner Director Hansal Mehta says “It is a good feeling that people are going to theatres to watch Citylights”

Director Hansal Mehta of Citylights Movie in an Exclusive Interview with Gujarat Headline.

Tell us your reaction after getting National Award for ‘Shahid’ Movie?

I am glad to know that my movie “Shahid” has got National Award, but I dont make movies with National Award as a goal. National Award is a very big honour .I was overwhelemed by getting National Award.When this award was announced my next movie “Citylights” was already on the floor.

Already the Film is realeased and Shows are going Housefull so how does it  feels?

It is a good feeling that people are going to theatres to watch movies an honest effort.I am Happy that shows are going Housefull.

What made you make Citylights Movie?

This movie is basically on ampathy. The people whom we have forgotten to look at. “AGAR AAP KA DIL DHADAKTA HAI TOH YEH MOVIE AAP KE LIYE HAI”, says Director Hansal Mehta.
Talking about the idea, Hansal agreed that its an adaption of a British film acquired by Fox Star Studios and proposed to Vishesh Films of Mahes Bhatt. Mr Bhatt after 15 years of formula films like Murder and Gism wanted to do some unconventional movie projects.

How was your experience working with Producer Mahesh Bhatt?

It was great experience working with Mahesh Bhatt.Infact he is my Guru. I did Saransh movie with Mr Bhatt.After doing Film I did discovery and came to know that we both are Nagar Brahmin, Bhattsaab’s father was Nagar Brahmin, but like that if we try to go for such classification, Gujarati and Jain and Brahmin..that really doesnot work.

You would like to work with Big Shots or you enjoy working with New comers?

I am open to cast big actors.I do select actors as per requirement of the roles.I would be Happy if Big celebrities would like to work with me.

Tell us about your Bonding with Actor Rajkumar Rao?

During those days nobody was ready to read script and work with me. Rajkumar came to me on his own. Rajkumar, brought goodluck to me.Rajkumar is completely dedicted person.He hands over himself to Director and Act as per Director requirements.

Tell us  how did you selected Actress Patraleka for this role?

Actress Patralekha, I knew her for last 15 years, when I saw her auditions, I put all of them together to see whether they really look like a family or not. Even, I showed a photo of her to Bhattsaab. He saw lot of vulnerability and her face and said Bechhari! Even, when Sujoy Ghosh, who is friend of mine appreciated discovery of Patralekha.

Do you think expectations of people have increased from you after Winning a National Award?

I really dont feel expectations raised, but people make me feel pressurised with higher expectations. No two movies should be compared, all movies are unique in their own way, with their characters, their plot. CityLights should not be compared with any other movie.This is not a Super Hero movie, this is our movie.

What is your opinion on Gujarati Cinema?

I really wanted to make Gujarati movie, but getting producer for a Gujarati movie is very difficult because they say that there is no audience. Even, Gujarati audience unfortunately watch Hindi movies. Gujarati plays are doing well.I wanted to make Gujarati movie of International repute like Bhav Ni Bhai. I think Kai Po Chhe should have been made in Gujarati, being Gujarat based movie.

Being a Gujarati, What are your expectations from Gujarati PM Narendra Modi?

I am happy to see Mr Modi as Prime Minister and fulfilling the promises that he has made.With our Prime Minister being Gujarati, I hope he will bring some hopes to Gujarati movies.

Message to viewers to watch the Film?