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Nine years Hetansh Haria of Ahmedabad became young Google and IBM Python Developer

Nine years old Hetansh Haria studying in Eklavya School has always dreamt of his career as a Data Scientist . During Covid he felt very bad for health care department as they were struggling and had limited upgraded health care systems. His journey started during lockdown but due to less resources he was not able to finish his course. Under the mentorship of Mr Pranav Varma who has been a very important part of his success, Hetansh has recently completed his 2nd certification as Youngest Google and IBM Python developer 2023. Hetansh now wants to pursue career as Data Scientist in Health care department.Hetansh, a 9-years-old boy from Gujarat, who made the Digital India campaign proud
Hetansh recently received two certifications in the youngest Google course and as an IBM Python developer.

 Scored 88.75% in Google Certified Course and 93.40% in IBM Python Developer
Ahmedabad 30 May 2023: Originally from Bada, 9-years-old Hetansh Prateekbhai Haria, currently studying at Eklavya School in Ahmedabad, has always dreamed of a career as a data scientist. He felt very bad for the health care department during covid as they were struggling and had limited upgraded health care systems.

Hetansh Haria said, ‘Under the guidance of Shri Pranav Verma who has been a very important part of their success. The preparation for the Google Certified course was started during the lockdown, but after the lockdown ended, the course could not be prepared after the schools started, so the preparations were started from last year. For which he used to spend 3 hours a day to learn coding along with his school studies. Recently completed two certification courses with 88.75% marks in Google Certified Course and 93.40% marks in IBM Python Developer. He started the Google Python course a month ago and has made Bada village and district proud by securing 88.75 percent-marks. The 4 modules exam lasted 50 minutes and the questions came directly from Google. Python is a program used to develop small games. And now want to pursue a career as a data scientist in the health care sector.”

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