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Pakistani Singer Adnan Sami granted Indian Citizenship by Ministry of Home Affairs

Adnan Sami being granted Indian citizenship

Pakistani singer Adnan Sami, who has been granted Indian citizenship, said that he is thankful to the Indian Government. Home ministry officials on Thursday, said that Mr Sami will be granted citizenship on January 1. The Indian citizenship was granted after he made a representation to the home ministry on May 26, requesting for it on humanitarian grounds. “This is a New Year’s gift for me. I am thankful to the Indian Government. I am very happy today,” said Mr Sami. Lahore-born Adnan Sami had first arrived in India on March 13, 2001 on a visitor’s visa with the validity of one year which was issued by the Indian High Commission in Islamabad.

Adnan Sami being granted Indian citizenship 3

The singer, who became a sensation in the country with hit songs like Kabhi Toh Nazar Milao and Lift Karaa De, spoke to the media before leaving for the Mumbai airport to catch a flight to New Delhi on Thursday. Mr Sami, who is known for playing a variety of musical instruments, has always maintained that the love he has received from Indian citizens is “everything” for him. “When my first album came out, it wasn’t Bollywood. The love that I have received from people was everything and it still is everything for me. After 16 years, it is not just the land where I work, but also my home and my love,” Mr Sami had said, earlier this year. His last Bollywood track was Bhar Do Jholi Meri, which featured in Salman Khan’s blockbuster film Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

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