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Pan Parlor looted in Khanpur area of Ahmedabad in lockdown

Due to Coronavirus outbreak in India Pan Parlor was looted in Ahmedabad during second lockdown which continues for more than a month.

First lockdown was implemented since 24th March till 14th April and second lockdown is effect till 3rd May.

pan parlor broken
pan parlor broken

Tobacco consumers could not resist restriction on tobacco products ensuing which yesterday night in Khanpur area, a Pan Parlor was looted by breaking it open. Branded Cigarette, tobacco products like Gutkha, chocolates and TV were looted worth Rs 1.50 lakhs.

It is note worthy that due to shortage of cigar and Gutkha, they are sold at exorbitantly higher rate.

Police complaint has been lodged after the incident of loot.