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Patan: Rs 21 lakhs scam for toilet construction exposed; 13 suspended

Today in Patan district, a scam worth Rs 21 lakhs by claiming money in the name of toilet construction was exposed.

13 employees including Talati and TDO Town Development Officer of Patan Taluka Panchayat including 2 Sarpanchs were suspended by the administration. Actually all these employees took credit in the name of executing toilet building of government. When actually inspection of toilets built that were claimed were checked, some shocking facts came out.

In Chanasma town, Rs 21 lakhs scam for toilets in Mithidhariyal village, out of 181 toilets claimed to have been built, cash aid was paid without building 73 toilets, payments were made in case of 66 unfinished toilets and wrongly payments were made to 42 persons for toilet making though they already had toilets.

In Chanasma town, in Sunsar village, out of 151 toilets claimed to have been built, payments made without constructing 73 toilets, 8 beneficiaries were wrongly given cash aid though they had toilets and 70 toilets were unfinished still full aid was paid, resulting in  a scam of Rs 18 lakhs.

PM Narendra Modi emphasised on the issue in his first Independence Day speech in 2014, and took a pledge to make India open-defecation free by 2019.

To take the initiative forward, the Ministry of Urban Development has decided to give every household without a toilet Rs 4,000 to construct a toilet, with an additional incentive share from the state government under the Swachh Bharat Mission.
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