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PG girls are safe in Ahmedabad ? eye opening incident in Navrangpura

In Navrangpura area of Ahmedabad, incident of physically exploiting a PG Paying Guest girl by unidentified person has come to light. Culprit guy is known as to be a delivery boy. Culprit has ran away from the site on fear of being arrested.

The incident of physical exploitation was exposed from CCTV footage.

On night of 14th June, at 12:50 pm he entered from the terrace of the building. He was wearing yellow t shirt and a jeans pant. Culprit entered from 3rd floor and made sure that no one is watching him.

Culprit closed the door when he came to know that girl is in sound sleep, then he exploited her physically and started master bating. Victim girl is very engry and has filed a complaint in Navrangpura police station.

Neighbours of the apartment are very troubled with PG service illegally run in residential apartment. When they tried to oppose PG service in apartment owner gets bullish with them. 10 girls are illegally kept in one apartment. There is lot of movement of boys and courier boys/delivery boys due to PG service in the apartment as per neighbours.

Apartment is owned by a person named Sunnybhai.

The incident raised question on women safety in Ahmedabad and Gujarat, which is considered to be the safest place in India. Is there any norms for the safety of PG girl ?