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Pirana dump site bio-mining project inspected by AMC team

Today on 17.03.2023. AMC Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Standing Committee Chairman Hitesh Barot visited Pirana Dump Site Bio-Mining Project to inspect ongoing work and review of the project. Since 1980 watse of 1.25 metric tonne in 3 mounds to flatten them which were spewing toxins. In public interest Bio-mining project has been started from year 2019 in which legacy waste processing work is being carried out by issuing phased manner tenders and acquiring Trommel machine.

Pirana dump site bio-mining project is being carried out today by AMC Standing Committee Chairman Hitesh Barot by conducting a personal visit and inspection work. During visit of the Chairman, Progress Report was shown by Harshadray Solanki, Director, Solid Waste Management Department and officers of AMC department. Visited the existing bio-mining project site and inspected the site of operation.

Total 69 Trommel machines with 60 mahines of 300 metric tonne and 79 automatic Trommel machine with 1000 metric tonne capacity are ued for this work.The shale processes an estimated 12,000 metric tons of legacy waste daily.

Till date, more than 55 lakh metric tons of waste has been processed and 35 acres of Ajmeri dump site has been opened and disposal of high dump is being done at present, updated Director to the Chairman.

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