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PM Narendra Modi addressed 18th SAARC Summit in Nepal

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi addressed 18th SAARC Summit in Kathmandu,Nepal.

PM Modi said this is my first SAARC.  But, this is the second time I am meeting most of you together.  I stepped into the office with the greetings of the entire world.

But, what moved me, dear colleagues, was your personal presence, with the good wishes of one-fourth of humanity.

Because the future I dream for India is the future I wish for our entire region.

The last Summit was three years ago.  Only two of us here were present in Addu.  Even Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has come here after her re-election.  President Rajapaksa will soon go into one and I wish him good luck.  I especially welcome our newest colleague, President Ghani.

Ours is a region of thriving democracy; of rich inheritance; the unmatched strength of youth; and, a strong thirst for change and progress.

In the last few months, I have travelled around the world.

From the middle of the Pacific, to the southern coast of Atlantic Ocean, I see a rising tide of integration.

And, negotiations on major trade agreements such as Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, the Trans Pacific Partnership and the Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.