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PM Narendra Modi:”doing big things for small men is my passion, as I am a small man” in a historic speech at Madison Square


News by Darshana Jamindar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave historic speech at Madison Square in New York. PM Modi was on a 5 day tour to USA. Entire Madison Square had a Modi Magic and Modi wave in US, it appeared like a  Modi Festival in New York. Some 20,000 supporters gathered at Madison Square, with banners in support of PM Modt. Fans were wearing T-shirts with Modi’s image on it.

Indians arrange Screenings across US, to give wide spead coverage of Modi’s speech. Indians perform at Madison Square; fusion songs. American Potrait artist painted a wonderful sketch of guest Narendra Modi.

It was a historic moment for all Indians across the globe, to watch Modi addressing live from Madison Square. On arrival of Modi his supports started Chanting for Narendra Modi, with Modi .. Modi slogans. Modi waved at his supporters. National Anthem of USA and India were played, before Modi’s speech.

PM Narendra Modi  started his address by speaking in Hindi by addressing my dear friends from India., even some are watchinh this speech by means of TV and internet and some are standing outside. He gave greetings on the occasion of Navratri festival to his countrymen.

Highlights of Modi’s speech is as follows:

  • Our country was considered as Snake charmers Country, Our forefathers were playing with Snakes but we are playing with Mouse.
  • Through your actions and values you have earned immense respect in USA
  • You may not have voted in 2014 but am sure when results were coming, you might not have slept and celebrated
  • You have a huge contribution in building India’s image
  • A lot of you came during the campaign. I could not thank you then but I thank you today
  • Opinion Makers miserably Failed in this Elections, people started making ópion’ about Opinion Makes
  • It was after 30 long years that a party formed government with absolute majority
  • Wining Elections is a Responsibility
  • Since taking over, I have not even taken a 15 minutes vacation
  • Our Country wanted a Change
  • This government which you have elected will leave no stone unturned, I will fulfil my debt to you
  • I am aware that you all have several expectations from India.Even the people of India are expecting a lot from the Govt
  • We will be successful is fulfilling the aspirations of the people
  • The World is convinced now that the 21st century is the era of Asia
  • India is World’s Youngest Country with Oldest Traditions
  • With the massive mandate I have received, I will not do anything that lets you down
  • We have lot of Potential and lot of Hopes
  • There is no reason to be disappointed, India will progress very fast and the skills of our youth will take India ahead
  • My government will be 100 percent successful in fulfilling the aspirations of the people
  • 125 Crore People’s Blessings is God’s Blessings..Janta Janardan Ke blessings
  • India will progress very fast and the skills of our youth will take India ahead
  • One of the things that India can be proud of is our democracy, through democracy people fulfil their dreams
  • India should be proud of these 3 things, democracy, demographic dividend and demand
  • No country has the 3 things it takes to progress and grow except India
  • People from world have come to India; Indians have gone to whole world
  • America is the oldest democracy in the world, India is the largest
  • If the nation has to progress then good governance is essential
  • Unfortunately until now responsibility of development in our nation was with the Govt,now we share that with the people
  • If the country wants to progress, the government’s responsibility is good governance
  • I might live miles away from you, But I do understand your issues
  • Mahatma Gandhi made the freedom struggle a mass movement. Every Indian felt that yes, I am also a part of the freedom struggle
  • Our attempt is to make development a peoples’ movement
  • Jis tarah unhone Azaadi ko Jan Andolan banaya,usi tarah Vikaas ko bhi Jan Andolan banana hoga
  • I want incite the emotion that whatever we do we do for the nation, that the nation should not be caused pain
  • Now everyone in every corner of the country wants to contribute to its progress
  • Today world has demand for teachers, nurses etc. Indian youth can meet all these demands if their skill is developed
  • Successfully made travel in space from India to Mars at Rs. 7 per km,much cheaper than travelling a km in AhemdabadIt’s talent of India
  • America and India are interacting on Mars also
  • India is the only country that has been successful in its maiden attempt to reach Mars
  • We have given importance to skill development. We created a separate Ministry for skill development
  • We have invited everyone from all over the world for our mission on skill development
  • I invite everyone to participate in MakeInIndia. If you want human resources, low cost production then India is your destination
  • People can be motivated, things can change
  • I request you all to look at MyGov. Please visit the website and see how you can get involved
  • Previous Govt used to boast of bringing this law and that law, and I did away with all the needless laws
  • Rs 1,500 crore deposited in banks so far under the ‘Jan Dhan’ scheme
  • Loge mujhse poochte “Modi ji bada vision bataiye”, maine unko kaha “main yaha chai bechte hue pohocha hoon
  • Main chota hoon aur chote logon ke liye kaam karne mein hi mujhe mazza aata hai
  • Cleanliness of river Ganga is necessary
  • I have been elected to perform difficult tasks like cleaning up the Ganga
  • Mahatma Gandhi helped us gain freedom, what have we given him?
  • Mahatma Gandhi never compromised on cleanliness. He gave us freedom. We should give him a Clean India
  • Pravasi Bharatiya Divas will be celebrated in Ahmedabad in January 2015
  • Want every Indian to own a house by 2022
  • PIO Card holders will be given Life Long Visas, In some time we will merge PIO and OCI schemes and make it one
  • Electronic travel authorisation and Visa-on-arrival will be introduced for American tourists
  • Will make India of your dreams

PM Narendra Modi’s speech lasted for more than an hour.

Narendra Modi meets South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and  discussed on opportunities in India. Modi also meets  Jewish Community leaders before his address at Madison Square.