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Rajkot prepares for Satam Atham Mela

Rajkot prepares for Satam Atham Mela

In Gujarat and Saurashtra there is lot of significance of Mela, whether it be a Tarnetar Mela or Satam Atham Mela.

As per Gujarati tradition, there is a myth that on Nag Pancham they give milk to Nag (snack) and worship them. They consume Khaja (a puri like sweet cum chat). On Randhan Chhath people prepare food and consume on Sitla Satam.

For preparation of Satam Atham Mela people of Saurashtra wait for whole year. On Satam Atham they play cards.

Satam Atham Mela is to celebrate birth of Lord Krishna (Janmasthami).

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Rajkot fair: preparations in full swing

Pilgrims all the way go from Ahmedabad and near by villages go to Rajkot to attend Mela.  Gujarat State Transport run more Buses on Satam Aatham for Rajkot Mela.

Due to Satam Atham (Janmashtami) lot of localites will enjoy Mela in the city. There are many rides and stalls which will enhance attraction.

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani is likely to visit the Mela in Rajkot.

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