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Rajkot: Stone Killer used to do exercise 15 kg stones in his room; used to kill victim after sex

Hitesh Ramawat’s parents have died and brother Jayesh and his family is not having any relation with Hitesh. From childhood, Hitesh was a quarrelsome person, due to his fighting and strange behavior , his family and relatives do not have any relationship with him. When he used to go to brother Jayesh’s house, he used to beat Jayesh’s kids also. Hitesh was a gay and used to target gay persons in Mavdi area.

He has studied upto 6th class. Initially he used to drive auto, at that time also had fighting with many people.

Hitesh painted tattoo on his left hand named PAMHIT in English, as HIT stands for first 3 letters of Hitesh and PAM stands for the girl who used to travel in Hitesh’s auto and he liked her.

“For the first time Some 12 years ago, an unidentified person sexually abused Ramavat and offered him money for it. Following this, he started indulging in homosexual activity, primarily for earning money,” Gehlot said at a press conference here. He was lured with the technic to earn money, He was fond of sexually abusive videos and later on getting exited wanted to strongly perform the sequence with their victim. On finding possible victim, Hitesh used to rub hand on butts of victim say “Majama Raja” and used to take him to the remote location. After having sex with victim used to kill him by hitting stone on victim’s head. Hitesh used to kill victim in 2 shots. He used to get strange pleasure seeing his victim in dieing stage, he used to closely look at victim when dieing. He used to keep 22 mobiles with him. After killing his victim he used to switch off all the mobiles. Hitesh used to practice using two 15 kg stones in his room and find out new techniques to kill victims. He used to do exercise using stone. He was so pervert that his excreta and urine he used to put it in a bag and do everything in the room and did not go out of the room for hours together. Most of the time he was sleeping in the locking from inside. Hitesh like Raman Raghav 2.0 movie very much.

“When he could not get enough money any longer this way, he started looting his targets and killed them. “He informed the family members of the victim (using the victim’s mobile phone) about the murder by talking in Hindi,” the commissioner said, adding that (information) helped police in tracing his movements. After conversation Hitesh used to break Simm Card to misguide police. Ramavat did not suffer from any mental disorder and was “mentally fit,” Gehlot said. “He was brought up in Rajkot and knew the areas from where to pick up a victim and how to persuade him to go to a deserted place with him. He would then kill the person by hitting on head with a stone and looted cash, mobile, etc,” the commissioner said.

Police tracked his movement after each killing from the mobile phone record, which led them to Rajkot railway station. According to police, he lived in Jamnagar, but came to Rajkot for committing the crime and went back.

Further probe is on, Gehlot said.

Hitesh was staying in a rented house in Bedeshwar in Jamnagar. To the house owner he made a story of him working in a mill in night shift.

Hitesh has been sent on 9 days of police remand. Identification parade for killer Hitesh has been arranged in Rajkot. Crime Branch team had become sleepless for past 2 months in arresting deadly stone killer. Nearly 1200 people were in the team to arrest stone killer. As per Rajkot Police Commissioner, this case was the most complex and challenging case for him and his team. Hitesh would have continued his killer story till he was caught by police.