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Ram Naam and Ram Kaam at Morari Bapu’s Dhanushkodi Katha

Eminent spiritual leader Morari Bapu is holding 853rd Ram Katha at Dhanushkodi near Rameswaram. As per the Ramayana, this is the place where Lord Ram built a ‘Ram Setu’ or bridge to Lanka to rescue his consort Sita.
The place holds immense religious value for millions of devotees. During the 9-day Ramayana recital event, Morari Bapu also undertook the task of distributing ration kits to 15000 homes in Rameswaram along with 1008 Pongal sets. Besides, 108 sewing machines are being distributed to the needy.
Addressing the media, the Ram Katha exponent said that the initiative is an extension of the concept of ‘Annakshetra’ during his Ram Kathas where thoudsands of people are served meals with respect and equality.
While those living on the shore were partaking meals near the Katha Mandap, Bapu was keen that locals of the entire Rameswaram also benefit. Thus Madan Paliwal, who is the main organiser of the Ram Katha event, came up with the idea of distribution of ration kits to people’s homes. Morari Bapu welcomed this thought whole heartedly and expressed pleasure that “Ram Kaam” also happens along with “Ram Naam”. He further stated that Ram Katha is both Brahmakshetra and Annakshetra because Upanishads say “Anna Brahmeti Vyajanam”.
Morai Bapu felt that the entire activity is meant to reach out to people much in the same way that Lord Ram did during his journey from UP to MP, Panchvati in Maharashtra and Kishkindha to finally Rameswaram in the South with the purpose to build bridges between people, castes, classes, provinces, states, communities, nations, languages and to spread goodwill.
Bapu expressed great reverence for this pilgrim centre which had a physical Ram Setu also. He then urged media too to play a constructive role in society and help build bonds through their work.
Morai Bapu said that his Vyas Peeth continues to sing Ram Katha in the country and across the world to put forth the message of truth, love and compassion. He thanked the local people and administration in assisting in the Dhanushkodi Ram Katha endeavour and greeted them for the upcoming festival of Pongal.

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