shailesh parmar congress mla check reality of gonutsav in pipalaj village
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Reality Check of “Vanche Gujarat” by Congress MLA Shailesh Parmar

Reality Check of “Vanche Gujarat” by Congress MLA Shailesh Parmar

Today Gujarat government has launched its Gunotsav programme of school inspection in rural areas and villages.

Vanche Gujarat was a movement to make Gujarat’s young read by then Chief Minister Narendrabhai Modi called upon the people of State to join the mission and further it.

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani launched the program by visit to a Govindi primary school in Panchmahal.

pipalaj students sitting under hot sun
pipalaj students sitting under hot sun

Congress MLA Shailesh Parmer visited Piplaj village and made a reality check to verify claim of Gujarat government on Gunotsav and school inspection. Sarpanch of Piplaj village was also at the site of primary school village. Basic amenity of class room was missing at the school during visit by MLA Parmar.


It was found that 7 out of 12 class rooms in the school do not have roof for students to make them sit in class room. Students are sitting under big shade in want of class room under hot sun.

During check on how much students have gained, it was revealed that they did not know alphabets properly. They were found to be week in reading and writing, in sums of multiplication and subtraction.

Sarpanch of Piplaj village admitted that there is no adequate schooling done of students.

sarpanch of piplaj village
sarpanch of piplaj village

Congress MLA also checked on food arrangements Mid-Day meals to poor school students. The kitchen was found to be filthy and food stuff was lying open and maintained in unhygienic manner.

shailesh parmar checking kitchen of piplaj school
shailesh parmar checking kitchen of piplaj school

Every year, Gujarat government spend lakhs of rupees on Gunotsav program with lot of burden on school staff and ministers going around and unable get encouraging results.

It is also raising  under question on claim by Gujarat government on “Vanche Gujarat ” and quality of Gunotsav program.