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‘Rock Drugs’ rocks youngsters for 30 to 40 hours; getting popular in Ahmedabad

Drug addicts have various reasons to consume drugs, it could be stress, frustration, failure in love, lack of confidence anything. Mainly youngsters impatiently take support of drugs as a quick solution to all their problems, without thinking of its lethal consequences of it, which can spoil their health permanently and make them addicted for ever. They consume liquour, do smoking, consume alchohol.

Ahmedabad is not free from menace of drugs. Recently, ‘Rock drugs’ which is considered to be a royal drug and its a kind of semi-synthetic drug has become very popular among high profile youngsters . Rock drug is very expensive. To make you addicted they initially give it for FREE and later on charge heavily, as per sources. It is a gift of high society in Ahmedabad. Addicts can rock in party for 30 to 40 hours on consuming Rock Drugs. Yougsters take it mainly during High Profile Dance parties.