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Saint of Swaminarayan sect arrested for rape of minor girl in Botad

Today incident of rape by Saint of Swaminarayan sect in Rojid village of Barwala has come to light. Saint Rushiprasad GuruShastri Ramdasji was arrested by police.

Three months back saint hired a minor girl as a maid for daily chores, who saint raped continuously for 4 days. He threatened girl to kill her, if she disclosed about the incident to anyone. Frightened girl did not tell about the tragedy to anyone.

swaminarayan ashram barwala
swaminarayan ashram barwala

Saint Rushiprasad used to chase girl in market asking her why she is not coming for work.

Saint Rushiprasad was arrested by team led by deputy police commissioner Rajdipsinh Nakumbh and started further investigation.

As per source.