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Saurashtra region receives comprehensive rain in Gujarat

In Rajakotah city from the morning had a downpour, high winds, torrential rain. Chhaprwadi 1 dam of Gondal overflowed.

Due to heavy rain in the Junagadh district water entered in Goladhara fields and spoiled thr crops. Waters collapsed wall of Goladhara Gram Panchayat.

Una Una city unamam received more than 50 mm of rain all night going to rain water entered houses in nearby areas River flowing on both the banks. Total of 325 mm of rainfall received.

Amareli received 73 mm and Porbander received 70 mm of rainfall in the state of Porbandar, Una of Gir Somnath received highest rainfall of 324 mm rainfall in the last 24 hours.

In Gujarat 209 talukas of 33 districts, 209 districts received rain. Maximum rain in Saurashtra and south Gujarat. 210 mm rain in Gir Somnath and Junagadh received 94 mm of rain.

In Amreli Jafrabad’s timbi village, Rupeni river flooded with heavy rain, where 50 sheep and goats were drowned.

In Surat district, heavy rainfall caused uprooting of 30 Trees.

Due to heavy rain in Junagadh district, Malia Hati Dam overflowed five villages Viradi, Bhakharavad, Avaniya, Vadala were alerted.
Due to flood in Malan and Rawal River Barda village marooned.

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