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Shahrukh starrer Dilwale protest in Ahmedabad; two multiplexes cancels the show

Today, Shahrukh Khan starter Dilwale movie was protested at IIM Ahmedabad, SG Highway and Raipur. Ahmedabad two multiplexes canceled the shows of Dilwale movie due to protests by various groups.  Dilwale is Directed by Rohit Shetty and Produced by Gauri Khan.

Wide Angel multiplex which is situated on SG Highway decided to discontinue the shows of Dilwale following protest. Similarly Citipulse multiplex in Raipur area also discontinued the shows after protest by a group. Following protest on showing the movie Multiplexes were given police protection. Also in a unique development, a group of specialist doctors joined the protest against Dilwale outside one of the multiplexes.  Since the protest was peaceful and therefore police deployed there did not intervene. Protesters are opposing Shahrukh’s film for number of reasons, but the foremost reason is his recent remarks on India as an intolerant country.