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Shinzo Abe to enjoy Sushi Dhokla in Ahmedabad

Shinzo Abe to enjoy Sushi Dhokla in Ahmedabad

Today and tomorrow, for 2 days Prime Minister of India and Japan would be guest of Ahmedabad to witness Annual Summit between India and Japan. Prime Minister of Japan Abe Shinzo would attend various programmes and visit many places in Ahmedabad. Japan PM would be accompanied by India PM Narendra Modi. During visit by VVIP guest’s from Japan menu will include authetic Gujarati delicacies comprising of Dhokla, Kathiawadi Khichdi. A new fusion dish of Sushi Dhokla will be prepared by Indian Chefs. The guests will be given a presidential, sit-down three-plate service with a five-course menu, with each course having three sub courses. Some authentic Japanese cuisine as well as Indian cuisine have been made including “Miso soup, noodle soup, teriyaki fish, chicken yakitokri (a variety of skewered chicken), pork katsu curry, jasmine rice, sticky rice, tofu served in a variety of sauces and kappa maki sushi.

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