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Shops to remain open 24 by 7 in Gujarat says Dy CM

Today Gujarat Deputy Cheif Minister Nitin Patel announced to propose amendments to the Shop and Establishment Act in the The proposed amendment states that shopkeepers can keep their shops open for whole night with some conditions. No authority can stop shopkeepers from keeping their shops open day and night. Medical shops to be open on satisfying certain police rules.

Maharashtra government had implemented the rule where establishments can be open 24 by 7 in December 2017.

As per records, in Gujarat 7 lakh shop certificates were issued in Gujarat with 10 lakh employees. If the shops are kept open through the night, more employees will be needed and more jobs will be created. The amendment also states that girls can’t be employed in the night shift and women can only be employed from 6am to 9pm. Till now, the rules stated that employees working overtime had to be paid 1.5 times of their salary, but now it will be twice the salary.

coming Gujarat budget session to have proposal for shops can be open around the clock every day. This will be the first time a big amendment is being made to the  Shop and Establishment Act which was first established in 1948. Another major change being proposed is that businessmen don’t have to go to the government offices to renew their shop licenses every day. The Labour & Employment department of the Gujarat government is also proposing that businessmen need to only register their shop once, instead of doing it every year.

First, the rules required that a businessman has to register his business even if he manages his shop alone, but now businessmen doesn’t have to register his business unless he has more than 10 employees. In fact, the shopkeeper has to only inform the local government if he has less than 10 employees.