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Soha Ali: “to look pretty is my birthright” in Ahmedabad at opening of Lakme Academy

Today, Bollywood actress Soha Ali inaugurated first center of Lakme Academy in Ahmedabad. Lakme Academy will facilitate for beauty training to academics throughout India. This academy will provide opportunity for beauty conscious people to get trained and make themselves employable in the fashion industry.

Soha said I was a banker and then turned actor. She looks forward to become  a journalist. To look pretty is my birthright. I would love to provide beauty tips to my fans and followers.

As fas as beauty and wellness industry are concerned there are multinationals coming up with investments upto Rs 80,370 crores in beauty and wellness industry There is quite a  fairly large demand of fitness trainers, fitness floor facilitators, masseurs, hair stylists, pedicurists, manicurists, tattoo and make-up artists. Particularly for women the beauty and wellness industry offers a plethora of opportunity as beauticians, cosmetologists, spa therapists, nutritionists, also as beauty parlor managers, entrepreneurs of wellness centers.