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Solar Impulse aircraft landed in Ahmedabad; pilots interacts with media

From last night Ahmedabad people are rushing to catch glimpse of first solar based aircraft landing at Ahmedabad airport. The aircraft is on a journey from Oman to India. The Solar Impulse plane took off on its mission to fly around the world without using any fuel on Monday morning.

After landing at Ahmedabad airport, “We are very ambitious in our goal, but modest given the magnitude of the challenge,” said co-pilots Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg in a statement ade to media. “This is an attempt, and only time will tell if we can overcome the numerous weather, technical, human and administrative issues.”. Pilots will be in the city for 2 more days.Special hangar for Solar Impulse in Ahmedabad has been made, select visitors are allowed.
solar impulse2

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