surat alleged rape case on jayanti bhanushali
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Surat alleged rape by Jayanti Bhanushali; ex husband blames the girl

As a latest development in Surat alleged rape case on a girl by BJP MLA Jayanti Bhanushali.

Recently Husband of rape victim girl held a press conference and presented some facts in the case.

He said that I had physical relation with the girl since she was in 10th class. Later, we got married and took divorce after one and half months of married life, as his wife had physical relations with many guys.

From me, my wife started demanding money to return home. She is keeping relation with guys for money, making with videos and exploiting them, blamed ex husband.

His wife was already doing fashion designing in Surat.

He said that I was getting threats from one politician Chhabil Patel and I do not know Jayanti Bhanushali.