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Surat: fire fighters takes out people stuck in lift accident

Today in Surat, in a strange lift accident in Vasupujya Residency Apartment in Adajan area, some 6 people including  4 women were stuck up in the lift for hours together. Despite of stranded in lift security guard did not call fire brigade. Nehaben one of the lady who was stuck up in the lift and using her presence of mind to call Fire Brigade from mobile. Immediately Fire Fighters reached the site and took out stranded people.

On asking about Key of Emergency Lock of Lift, security said that the key has been lost. It is not that in the building lift has stuck up for the first time. People getting stuck up in the lift in the same complex has happened for the 4th to 5th time. In one of the earlier lift accidents in the building one guy was killed. Residents of the apartment are unhappy over no strict action against such repeated  lift accidents.

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