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Symptom of Cholera epidemics in Sojitra of Anand

Symptom of Cholera epidemics in Anand

Today in Anand district, Sojitra village and surrounding 8 kms area has been declared as cholera endemic and Sojitra village is declared as cholera affected area.

Yesterday afternoon, Gujarat state health authorities were on run after one case was tested positive for cholera in Sojitra village.

For past 15 days, many gaestroentities cases were reported after receding of rain in the district.

Anand Nagarpalika and Dr Bipin Thakker District Health Officer declared Sojitra as Cholera affected area after finding case of Cholera epidemics.

For a month, state health authorities would make frequent and maintain hygienity in the area by spray DDT etc to combat mosquito and water born diseases.
In Vadodara district,  Dabhoi town was declared as Cholera endemic. 14 teams of Health department conducted inspection in 1100 houses by making door to door visit.

Memorandum by Nagarpalika would be in effect for a month.

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