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Thar’s Oil Reserves: Rs 87,000 Crores revenue in just 8 years by Mangala

Thar’s Oil Reserves: Rs 87,000 Crores revenue in just 8 years by Mangala

The oil reserves in the Desert of Thar have set a new benchmark by earning a revenue of Rs 87 thousand crores within the last eight years. With a visionary goal of the state’s prosperity, production of petroleum was started in the Mangala region under Barmer district, exactly eight years before on 29th of August 1999.

Rich with geographical diversity, the desert of Rajasthan state was once known for its miles long streams, but during all this period generation of crude oil in the Thar Desert has written a new chapter of growth, moving into the direction of ensuring the country’s energy security.

Along with the largest oil reserves of the country, Mangala located in Barmer district, Bhagyam and Aishwarya are today contributing 27 percent to the country’s domestic oil generation by producing 1.75 Lakh Barrel oil every day. Currently, this oil reaches from Barmer to the purchasing companies of Gujarat through the world’s longest thermal pipeline. This oil generation is not only helping Rajasthan’s growth in hydrocarbon sector, but also reducing the oil imports for India.

Beginning from zero in crude oil generation in 2009, the oil generation figure has crossed a total of 41 crores Barrel just within 8 years. This oil field of Rajasthan is in the forefront of India’s oil generation, while prior to 2009 there was no oil generation in Rajasthan.

With this oil generation the centre and the state government have earned a revenue of over USD 1340 Crore (equal to INR 87 thousand crore). The Thar Deserts has today transformed into the land of prosperity. In the beginning of 2004, Cairn explored a huge oil field in Barmer which was christened as Mangla Oil Field. Until now, 38 oil-gas exploration have taken place in this region including Bhagyam, Aishwarya, Saraswati and Rageshwari.

Known as the curse of Rajasthan for years, these oil discoveries by Cairn Oil and Gas have put Thar Desert on the world map.