Chidamabaram blames on tinkering on GST and Demonetization
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They tinkered with GST and Demonetization blames Chidambaram ex FM

They tinkered with GST and Demonetization blames Chidambaram ex FM

Today P Chidambaram of Congress and former finance minister visited Rajkot and met businessmen at Hemu Gadhvi Hall.

Chidambaram talked on ‘State of the Economy’ at a press conference in Rajkot.

In response to a question on demand for resignation of Ahmed Patel by Gujarat CM over arrest of ISIS suspect from Bharuch where Patel was a trustee. Chidambaram said I was amazed on outrageous demand by Gujarat CM, on which a trustee who either resigned or retired 3 years back.

On changing of Financial year, Chidambaram expressed his view that it really does not matter but only budget exercise has to be over .

He slammed BJP government on demonetization and GST saying that I donot think so GST council works the way PM said. They have tinkered GST more than 20 times, dates extended, waivers given and made 135 changes after demonetization. They act first and then think. In GST council, there is no voting possible. States have 2/3 weightage whereas center has 1/3 weightage.

In response to a question, Chidambaram said they want to silence critics and journalists.

Chidambaram made no comments on growth of company of Jay Shah. He said I have no personal information.

Tomorrow he will talk in Mumbai on ‘Demonetisation & GST’ at Bhaidas Hall, Ville Parle (W).

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