ravi shankar prasad on robert vadra land deals
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Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad takes on Congress over Robert Vadra land deals

Today Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad held a press conference in Delhi.

Minister Prasad took on land deals of Robert Vadra and made accusations on Congress.

Prasad blamed that Mr. Rahul Gandhi is standing firmly behind Robert Vadra in all the land deals reeking of impropriety, corruption and abuse of power.

Who is this H.L. Pahwa and why is he the common factor in all the land deals done by Rahul Gandhi, Robert Vadra and Priyanka Vadra?

The land which Priyanka Vadra purchased on 28th April, 2006 for Rs.15 Lakh was sold on 17th February, 2010 at Rs. 84.15 Lakh. In less than four years land prices increased more than 5 times.