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Vadodara:Eshra Patel model and ex student of Parul University confirms on Jayesh Patel’s malicious activities

A female model Eshra Patel who was student of Parul Institute in Vadodara in year 2004-05 today alleged that Parul University founder president Jayesh Patel had tried hard to sexually abused her in 2005 in Ahmedabad’s Rajpath club. Jayesh Patel has spoiled many girls in front of me. When I was studying at Parul University, my name was recorded as Nipa Bhagat who was studying Physiotherapy in Parul University. Due to constant trouble from Jayesh Patel I left my studies and went to Mumbai for modelling. Jayesh Patel saw my house by following my friends car as I denied to take lift in his car. After seeing my house everyday he used to come to my house and develop friendliness with my family and wait for me at my house for 2-3 hours. To trap me, he placed offer of marrying his son to me, my family was tempted with the offer but I knew Jayesh’s intention so I kept away. This process continued for 6 months. Eshra said during a visit to Shirdi, Jayesh Patel offered me lift in his car and tried to physically abuse me. When I opposed him he was angry with me. When he did not stop I slapped him. Driver Ashok is witness of this. He made me get down of the car in between, after which with lot of difficulties I reached home. Eshra said Jayesh first spotted her during Navratri event and tried to come closer but she was already warned by her friends that she should stay away from this person.She said she was taken to Ahmedabad for a cultural event where in Rajpath club room Jayesh Patel removed his own cloths and become completely nude and asked her to surrender by pulling her hair and threatened to remove from university. He also warned to use bruteforce, if she does not surrender. She said she rushed to bathroom and locked herself inside and started crying. Meanwhile a room service person entered Jayesh’s room to serve food and he heard voice of crying from bathroom. On his call, police arrived in room and scold Jayesh Patel. She said she refused to come out of bathroom and maintained that she would leave bathroom only if her parents are called.Eshra said she called Jayesh Patel’s wife and told her about this incident but she was replied that Jayesh is like this only. Eshra said she also tried to talk to Jayesh’s son Devanshu Patel but could not get any help. Jayesh wind up the club event somehow by getting apology from police and that evening he came to drop me at home and threatended not to tell about the incident to anyone or else will spoil your career. I was frightened and so upset that at one stage I thought of commiting suicide but after thinking of my parents I dropped the idea of suicide. It should be mentioned that Jayesh Patel, founder president of Vadodara based Parul University is booked by Vaghodia police for rape, issuing threat and act of sexual abuse. A complaint has been filed by nursing students who was living in hostel of Parul University. Jayesh Patel committed rape on her in his quarter within the campus. Patel is untraceable after the incident. He had contested assembly election from Vaghodia twice on Congress ticket but later joined BJP. Hew as made incharge of Dabhoi unit of party. District BJP president said he has been suspended today from party from party’s primary membership and all positions. Police has formed 4 teams in search of Patel who is now discribed as Asaram of education field. Victim girl who filed complaint has today given her statement as per section 164 before magistrate. Her this statement will be considered final even if she backtracks eventually in future which is not likely looking at determination of her. It is learnt that 4 more girls have come forward and have recorder their statement on Jayesh Patel’s malicious activities to police. Local BJP MLA Madhu Shrivastava against whom Jayesh had contested assembly election twice from Congress has given Vaghodia bandh call.Congress workers in Vadodara meanwhile on the second day burnt Jayesh Patel in effigy.