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Varun Dhawan wishes to be fit like Akshay Kumar

At a time when actors are giving maximum attention to fitness, Varun Dhawan says he idolises superstar Akshay Kumar. “I think there was a phase of six and eight pack abs but now it is back to a phase where health is important. Look at Akshay Kumar, he has been fit for so many years despite injuries,” Varun told reporters here at an event of his upcoming film “Dishoom”.

Varun says he wishes to be as fit as Akshay when he grows old. “Akshay has tremendous fitness level. I wish when I grow that old if I can be that fit then it will be great.” His “Dishoom” co-star John Abraham was also present at the event, where the duo shared some fitness tips. “One should dedicate at least an hour to fitness, be it Yoga or anything else. Working out shouldn’t tire you, it should rejuvenate you. One needs to be fit and flexible,” he said.

The 29-year-old actor said his director father David Dhawan wasn’t too much into fitness but things seem to be changing now. “The most difficult person to get to the gym is my dad. He just doesn’t listen to anybody. When I started threatening him about if he wants to see his grand children or not (that) is when he started going to gym. He goes for walk and it is good thing,” he added. “I don’t have a strict diet as my metabolism is too high. Pizza and brownie with ice-cream is my weakness.” He also revealed actress Parineeti Chopra has a special number in “Dishoom”. “The song will be out on July 12. One tip I received from John was to have honey. Once she (Parineeti) was feeling weak and I gave her honey,” Varun said when asked about giving fitness tips to Parineeti. Directed by Rohit Dhawan, “Dishoom” opens in cinema houses on July 29.