Virendra Sehwag in Ahmedabad
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Virendra Sehwag launch First VS store in Ahmedabad without face mask

Legendary Indian cricketer batsman Virendra Sehwag launched his First VS store in Ahmedabad at CG Road today without using Face Mask against likely Coronavirus fear. Sehwag was surrounded by hundreds of thousands of his fans in a public place without a protective device risking himself and others.
Virendra Sehwag in Ahmedabad
Virendra Sehwag in Ahmedabad
Sehwag interacted with media and was overwhelmed with the response of people wanting to see him, meet him, photograph him or get his autograph.

Cricketer said that his customers will get same quality of clothes which he is wearing.
Its a joint venture between Viru Retail Pvt Ltd and Stitched Textiles Pvt Ltd.

Virendra Sehwag launch First VS store in #Ahmedabad today #Gujarat

Posted by Darshana Jamindar on Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Shewag advised to young cricketers that there are no shortcuts in life and women cricket needs a boost like men’s cricket.