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White Deer spotted for the first time in Gir Forest !!

Gir Forest and Lion Sanctuary are some the very popular tourist destinations and sight seeing places in Gujarat.

In an area spread over 1413 sq meter of Gir Forest there lives many animals including Asian Lions. Visitors and Tourists from all around including Indian and Foreigner.

Among other animals, soft and tender White Deer is the biggest tourist attraction. Visitors and Tourists get tempted to see and love White Deer. It becomes Special Attraction for them to visit Gir Forest in Gujarat.

A baby White Deer was spotted with his mother near water pond in natural habitat. It was the history to get White Deer spotted in Gir Forest for the first time. White Deer is considered to God’s Greatest Wonder by people. Actually, White Color on skin in dear is due to Albinism, caused due to genetic disorder.