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World Class Bladeless Ceiling Fans launched in Gujarat

Ahmedabad, 9th January 2018: Exhale Innovations Worldwide Chennai, today announced the launch of its premium product, the “World’s Only Bladeless Ceiling Fan” in Gujarat. A factory has been set up in Sriperumbudur on the outskirts
in Chennai where world class bladeless fans are being produced for the first time in India. This premium product, the EF34 Bladeless Ceiling Fan will provide all users, commercial and residential, comfort and efficiencies that are unprecedented in the industry so far. This is a JV with Exhale Fans LLC USA.

The flagship EF34 bladeless Ceiling Fan is the only ceiling fan that can circulate the air through the entire room. This capability is due to the spinning Discs of the Exhale Fan that move air 360° outwards along the ceiling and then down the walls. This movement of air creates a “Central Vortex that pulls air from the floor to complete the cycle of full room airflow. The result of this air movement is total temperature stability: floor to ceiling, wall to wall. Not only are these fans extremely efficient but they ensure that the cooling in the room is complete.”

Addressing the media, Mr. Siddhartha Khatri – Director, Exhale Innovations, said, “With demand for high-quality and innovative products growing in India and the Indian buyer willing to pay for such innovation and quality, we have launched  this EF34 bladeless Ceiling Fan in Gujarat. Our research clearly shows that there is a good demand for  hi-tech and quality fans in this part of country. We will launch
many advanced  products in the future.

“Exhale Fans utilize a patented 360 degree Laminar Airflow that creates a vortex generating an unmatched level of comfort and efficiency never seen before in the ceiling fan industry.” Explaining further Khatri says “On the savings in terms of electrical consumption, Exhale Fans gives you year round savings and comfort.
Temperature stabilization, the key factor in reducing the load on your HVAC system, can be down  to 38%. The quantitative analysis for the Exhale Fan was completed by the  prestigious, Indiana Engineering University, USA.” “Our factory in Sriperumbadur, has the  capacity to serve the commercial industry.” We will target big constructions, huge residential projects, airports, upcoming Hotels across India and many more.